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Durafence 3D fence full system is designed to ward intruders and to provide durable security protection for the compound. It secures any perimeter with welded mesh panels of various heights, gates and posts to match for quick and efficient installation. Durafence 3D fence system is coated with Bezinal® 2000 alloy coat to produce high quality, durable and rust/ corrosion resistant.

Bezinal® 2000 alloy coat is an advanced zinc plus aluminium coated wire with an outstanding active corrosion resistance. It not only lasts more than 6 times longer than galvanized wires. It also outperforms traditional zinc aluminium coated wires.


  • Rust and corrosion resistance
  • Cost effective
  • Fast installation
  • Medium impact resistance
  • Zero maintenance
  • All weather resistance


  • Industrial building
  • Office building
  • Residential building


  • 10 years material warranty against Rust and Corrosion

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