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Corsaflex Jogging Track System uses “Waterborne” eco-friendly technology to fully replace polyurethane adhesives for making jogging track surfaces. It contain zero TDI/MDI and is very low VOC and odour.

Waterborne technology uses acrylic polymers to form an interpenetrating network that cannot be separated unless chemical bonds are broken.

Acrylic polymers is an eco-friendly technology based on hybrid and cross-linked formation to create an environmental friendly, durable and lasting jogging track system.


  • Waterborne environmental-friendly
  • Chip-less track surface, guarantee no EPDM run-off
  • Non- porous
  • Good resilient quality
  • Non- slip under all-weather condition
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Ultra- violet resistant
  • High resistant to chemical, fungus, bacterial, etc.
  • Non- toxic in the finishing state
  • Non- flammable
  • Good dimensional and colour stability, i.e. no lifting, buckling, discolouration through the actions of temperature and weather.


  • Jogging Track/ Path
  • Fitness Corner

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